Swimming Pool Designs & Construction in Australia

Having any pool is a fun, but nowadays we reside in a world in which less is, well, less. Technological innovation requires every factor of our way of life to a new level, and your pool is no exemption. Using smartly developed and placed technology, your once conventional diving pool area can be modified from a normal lawn leisure activity to the best position everyone wants to be, 24 hours a day. Not only can the help of technology make your diving area look more creatively attractive, it also can offer valuable performance as well. At Blue Haven Pools, we set up many of these high-tech functions for a number of different property entrepreneurs and pool designs as becoming contemporary require more precedent. Study below to understand what we can do to take your new pool development up a level or give your current pool a transformation assured to thrill.

Remote Control Capabilities

These days, just about everything can be done from your phone, such as managing your pool program. Having a remote-operated pool means you have finish accessibility your pool from anywhere, at any time, and it gives blue haven pools specialists the capability to execute timesaving distant diagnostics if you ever have a problem. We offer pool entrepreneurs with a Hayward Omni Logic system appropriate for iOS and Android operating system gadgets so you have all your program availability in one position.

LED Lights

No one wants to bring up the pool fun when the sun goes down. Maintaining diving through evening by setting up a lights program on the ground or ends of your pool. While marine pool lights is not exactly new, incandescent and halogen techniques have become obsolete, which adjustments their protection and causes them to use far more power. Quality, low-voltage LED lights techniques are now the way to go for the look and durability most entrepreneurs nowadays searches for.

Blue Haven Pools

Heaters & Coolers

Think pools are just for summer time use? Not when you take your diving pool’s warm range into your own arms. blue haven Pools can set up top quality warming and cooling techniques to make sure your pool is always relaxed and welcoming for your friends and family. In addition, since our techniques are power, you can warm and awesome your pool at a small portion of the cost as when using a gas program.

Variable-Speed Pumps

One beauty of technologies is that it can act as a virtual assistant to help you stay on top of things without much thought. With cutting-edge variable-speed moving and purification devices, you are able to save power while no one is diving, and then interact with highly effective purification during the latest part of the day in your blue haven pools.

Robotic Blue Haven Pools Cleaners

Pool servicing has never been so easy! Just as there are now automatic cleaning appliances than can be meant to clean the inside of your home, you can also have one for your pool as well. Keep your pool nice and clean with the help of a set-it-and-forget-it automatic pool better. We consist of these with every new custom blue haven pools. Your robot will understand the form of your pool and clean it instantly so you never have to.