Find Real Estate & Property For Rent in Australia

Unless you’ve managed to buy a house in Australia before you move over here or you are planning to stay with relatives in Australia, it is most likely your first home will be a rented house or apartment. You will find pros and cons to this and you have to be aware of the pitfalls of booking as well as the advantages it offers.

If you are here on a momentary visa, it will be more difficult and more expensive than you should buy than it is for residents or those with long-term visas. This is because you will not be entitled to grants or Stamp Duty exemptions as a first-time owner. If you’re planning to stay just for a year or two, it might not be well worth buying a house, as a result of taxes and other expenses involved. Additionally, depending on the volatility of the global economy, it might not make sense to invest in property outside your home country.

How to Find House, Villas, Apartment for Rent in Australia

Searching for a property may be different from your home country. Nowadays, Australian does most of their searching online, but there are still print advertisements available to consider. You will find many things to consider like how many rooms you need, garden space for children, proximity to public transport, parking spaces, and of course, your budget. Know what you want and need before you start the search in order to make the process faster and more targeted.

Choosing a location

You should apply the same requirements to finding accommodations property as you’ll to buying a residence. This is also true if you want to rent for a long period. Remember, the term suburb means the home outskirts of the city. However, in Australia, we use SUBURB to spell it out the various areas within a city. Each council or municipality is named a suburb. The town itself, for example, Perth, Sydney, is usually the downtown/business region and local people understand it to imply that part of the town of Sydney. Yes…just a little complicated if you are looking for a spot to live!

First find a suburb that you want, that you are able, and which is convenient for work. Also, if you are emigrating with a family group you need to look at the local institutions. In our opinion, Wikipedia is a superb way to analyze the suburbs in Australia. Simply enter the suburb/condition for a generally good to the great summary of the area. Underneath of this article usually has additional links to help you with your quest. Australian Suburban Developments shares figures on education levels, transportation, and crime. The info within the search is a little old, but it offers you the overall expectation for every suburb. The links in underneath right go directly to the sources of the info, which means you can also research on the websites to get more up-to-date information.

Online property search

The most useful resource for finding a rental property is the internet. In the Google Search bar, enter ‘Property to Rent’ followed by the name of the city or town you are planning to move for a wealth of options. The great thing about searching for a property on the internet is the amount of detail you can learn. Unlike a newspaper ad that only has a few lines of information, you can expect a map of the location, external and internal photos, and a detailed description of the property’s features. These sites are quite user-friendly. Just enter the suburb, size of the house and your price range for the weekly rent. They then bring up a selection of properties, usually ordered according to the rental price.