Best Times to Replace Your Roof

Protecting your biggest house investment – your roofing – is imperative. But actually the strongest components hit the finish of their useful lifespan at some time. When that occurs, you will need to consider alternative, whether you possess asphalt shingle roofing or a metallic one. There are better instances than others to deal with this type of project, therefore let’s review when the ideal period is to get home roofing replacement.


Surviving in roofing contractors oakland county MI all of us don’t have to cope with ice and snow (very much), however in climates where snow in winter season is a problem, this is most likely the worst time to obtain a roof installed. Not only could the cold temperatures make materials hard and brittle so that they can actually crack during installation, it’s unsafe and difficult for contractors to work on a roof in those conditions. Tools don’t work as well in the cold and sealants can’t be effectively applied.

Fall is an ideal time to get your roof replaced because the weather is mild and you can get all the problems fixed before the cooler months hit. However, this tends to be a busy time for contractors because the weather is usually cooler, plus you may spend a premium on materials if you choose this occupied season. Summer is normally a slow time of year for contractors in Oakland county MI since the climate is oppressively popular. This means roofing can be unpleasant for the contractors, not forgetting heat and humidity make a difference the integrity of the components. Asphalt shingles, for instance, can soften up and make sure they are less durable to set up.

In general, the very best weather in which to set up roofing is between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason fall is most beneficial, as the cooler temps enable quicker, easier installation. Nevertheless, anticipate waiting in range behind everyone else, as that is a busy period for roofers and components can also be at a premium.

Busy vs. Slow Season

That said, every roofer differs with regards to their slow or busy moments. They have a tendency to boost their prices if they are busy because of the simple rules of source and demand. When they’re busy and careers are plentiful, they are able to afford to become more discriminating where jobs they will undertake and how much they’ll charge. They can simply boost their prices between five to 15% when competition is leaner. Slow seasons could have them decreasing those prices once again when competition can be high. Generally, it’s better to schedule your set up during the off-season if you want to save money.

Overall, you should do what’s best for you. If you’re not in a rush and can afford to wait four to six weeks for installation, great. If you are in a rush and don’t want to be stressed out by dragging the project on and on, plan accordingly. That being said, even the most precise of roofing installation jobs that look like they may go seamlessly can’t compete with Mother Nature. If it’s been raining for a week, no one gets their roof worked on, which pushes all other projects out.