Beautiful Landscaping Ideas & Design

While preparing to landscape your lakefront property, check with your state and local zoning regulations regarding what you can and can’t do near the lake’s shoreline. Also examine the existing scaping, vegetation, features and l. Who doesn’t want their home to look fantastic from the street? The problem isn’t generally lack of desire, but lack of knowledge as to what is the best way to increase curb appeal. Landscaping is a large part of creating a special and unique look. Here are a few ways and tips for making your home stand out. At Obex Billing, we seek to partner with landscapers by offering them billing solutions ranging from software and mailing services to direct marketing. We would like to partner with you today in your quest to transform your clients’ living spaces. Visit Here:

Can you work them into your landscape design?

  • Build walkways that draw attention to the lake by leading to the water’s edge. Elevated boardwalks allow for activity without disturbing natural water movement. Add a deck to both maximize your view of the lake and provide an area for entertaining.
  • Wetlands and buffer zones. Create a buffer zone or wetland area using aquatic landscaping next to the water’s edge to help maintain the quality of the water. Using natural plant life will minimize your maintenance requirements.
  • Erosion control. You can control erosion using natural plants, retaining walls, paver walls or terraces. Retaining walls keep the soil from washing away and terraces provide erosion control for steep landscapes near the water’s edge.
  • Additional landscaping options. Add plant life, shrubbery and trees to frame the lake and add color to your landscaping. Build a fire pit or outdoor fireplace for entertaining.
  • Professional landscaping. If you find yourself unsure of the best way to landscape your lakefront property, consider hiring a professional landscaper with experience in the laws and regulations for your area.
  • All Seasons – Keep in mind that you don’t just want the home to look great right now; you want it to look good all year long. Choose landscaping options that take into consideration changes in the seasons. If everything is a spring plant, then it will look cold and uninviting in the dormancy of winter.
  • Colors – All flowers look great in the nursery, but consider how they will look with your home as a backdrop. Use a color wheel just like you would for interior decoration to avoid clashing colors in your landscaping.
  • Low-Maintenance – Consider plants that do not have a high level of littering, unless you plan to spend hours in your yard keeping it up. A fast-growing shrub is great for getting to maturity quickly, but when it needs trimming every two weeks, the mature shrub may soon grow out of favor.
  • Consider Entry Feel – Not only do you want the property to look great from the street but consider how it looks as visitors make the walk to the front entry. It can be great to orchestrate an entrance that isn’t immediately noticeable from the street, but yet is easy to find and a joy to traverse once the first steps are taken toward the house.
  • Hardscapes – While landscaping is important, don’t forget the hardscapes too – adding a fountain, stone walkways, and birdbath, for example, can really pull it all together.

It is always tempting to grab whatever you see at the nursery and then trot home to find a place for it, but that is going to result in a haphazard landscaping that doesn’t give the curb appeal result you hoped for. Sit down with a landscaping contractor and work out a plan ahead of time and everything will flow as it should.